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EguideWhat Is a Database?
A database is simply a collection of data organized for rapid access and retrieval. You probably use a number of databases every day without even knowing it. A phone book, for example, is basically a paper-and-ink database containing a list of entries that include the names of individuals and their telephone numbers. In database parlance, each complete entry is a record, and each discrete piece of information in each record—i.e., each individual’s first name, their last name, and their phone number—is a field. Entries (or records) in a phone book database are listed alphabetically by last name to make information retrieval easy and intuitive.

Microsoft Access is a powerful software application that creates and manages databases. It is therefore known as a database management system, or DBMS. While Access is easy to use, it is capable of storing, manipulating, and organizing vast quantities of data. As a result, you can use Access to organize and manage anything from a personal CD collection to the inventory of a large manufacturing company.

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