Alexander GelfandTo paraphrase a man I once quoted in an obituary for a squirrel expert (what, squirrels shouldn't have experts?), I've written lots of things about lots of things.

I've written travel pieces for the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and the Montreal Gazette; covered science and technology for the Economist, Discover, Wired, Technology Review, and the Loh Down on Science; scribbled about music, culture, and the arts for Nautilus, the Guardian, the Forward, the Village Voice, DownBeat, Jazziz, and Tablet; and penned pieces about education and home improvement for the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Chicago Tribune.

I've even written about drugs and music for the Walrus, the leading glossy in my native land (what, you didn't notice the Canadian accent?)—though not, admittedly, in the same piece.

We all need something to shoot for, right?

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