Sample Marketing Blurbs (Verve Music Group)

Jimmy Smith (Christmas '64)
Get ready for the hippest stocking-stuffer imaginable. Jimmy Smith, master of the mighty Hammond B3 organ, lends his soulful touch to your favorite Christmas tunes in both trio and orchestral settings. With a chorus of great soloists and holiday spirit to spare, Mr. Smith lays down the kind of groovy good cheer that will have Santa himself dancing down the chimney. Christmas has never been so cool…

John Coltrane (One Down, One Up: Live at the Half Note)
These live radio broadcasts from the legendary Half Note nightclub capture the classic John Coltrane Quartet in its final year, and represent the first legitimate release of this music: The master saxophonist's driving interpretations of signature tunes like "Afro Blue" and "My Favorite Things" had previously only been available on inferior bootleg recordings. Newly transferred from Coltrane's own personal master tapes of the original broadcasts, they can at last be heard with the fidelity they deserve.

The Weavers (Billy Crystal Presents the Music of Milt Gabler)
Founded by Pete Seeger in 1947, the Weavers were on the verge of disbanding when they scored an enormous hit with “Goodnight Irene” on Decca in 1950. Though they helped launch the folk music revival of the early ’50s, the group’s left-wing politics also got them blacklisted during the McCarthy era — but not before they had paved the way for an entire generation of modern folk artists, from the Kingston Trio to Bob Dylan.

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