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Solving for Z - Aug 21, 2023

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Can Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch clean up New York City? (HBS Alumni Bulletin)

Defense attorneys appealing a murder conviction enlisted the expertise of statisticians to determine whether the field of firearm forensics is grounded in solid science. The answer? Not even close. (HBPH Magazine)

People around the world are living, working, and learning longer. Get ready to upgrade your old ideas about longevity. (Stanford Business)

Massaging machine-learning algorithms to reduce—not perpetuate—human bias. (HBS Alumni Bulletin)

Scientist Li Zhao studies the intriguing genes that emerge from previously silent stretches of DNA. (Rockefeller News)

You probably don’t associate Google with public health. But physician and public health expert Vuong “Von” Nguyen is doing his best to change that. (Rice Magazine)

A Texas startup aims to decarbonize industrial chemical processing, and prevent a gigaton of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere. (Rice Business)

In which the author’s attempt to discover traces of Spain’s medieval Jewish community does not go as planned. (Kveller)

Younger investors are more willing to put money behind environmental and social goals—even if it’s costlier. (Stanford Business)

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