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A New York startup is racing tech’s biggest names to take quantum computing out of the lab and turn it into something that businesses can actually use. (HBS Alumni Bulletin)

Americans say they value open-mindedness—until their political allies listen to what the other side is saying. (Stanford Business)

A recent visit to a Muslim country raised unwelcome questions—and unnecessary fears. (Kveller)

How a humble Nobel laureate found a new mission: science diplomacy. (HBPH Magazine)

A new survey offers a rare window into how the world’s largest institutional investors think about environmental, social, and governance priorities. (Stanford Business)

From status symbol to character flaw, obesity has represented different things at different times. Today’s researchers think of it as a biologically complex disorder—and they’re beginning to unravel its mysteries.

A gift from an unlikely source supports research into psychedelics as a tool for treating mental health disorders. (Planning Matters)

How a public research university in the Rocky Mountains became one of the nation’s top incubators for deep-tech startups. (Coloradan Magazine)

Shifting to clean energy means electrifying transportation. KoBold Metals is trying to get us there faster. (AMS Newsletter)

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