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A Dance in the Sky - Dec 10, 2021

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Marine-energy startups tap the power of tides and waves to fuel a low-carbon future.

In the Congo, few people have access to reliable energy, and even fewer have access to formal financial services. Tony Ngumbu is trying to solve both problems with one startup. (Rice Business)

Forget about electric cars and meatless meat: If you really want to combat climate change, look to risk management and private equity. (Stanford Business)

Arrests and incarceration won’t stop urban gun violence. But community violence prevention might. (HBPH Magazine)

A leading killer of hospitalized patients just may have met its match. (Hopkins Medicine)

A geophysicist brings fault lines into sharper focus. (TECHER)

Scientists are on a mission to defang one of the world’s most dangerous mosquitos. Step one? Get her to cooperate. (Seek)

In a polarized nation, a dose of partisan public health messaging can be more effective. (Stanford Business)

Rasika Mathias wants to level the playing field of genetic studies—and make the benefits of personalized medicine available to all. (Hopkins Medicine)

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