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How a public research university in the Rocky Mountains became one of the nation’s top incubators for deep-tech startups. (Coloradan Magazine)

Shifting to clean energy means electrifying transportation. KoBold Metals is trying to get us there faster. (AMS Newsletter)

Replacing “you” with “we” can make a message less threatening—and less likely to be censored. (Stanford Business)

Want to know what, exactly, a chief sustainability or impact officer actually does? Read on. (Stanford Business)

Gen Z workers are in high demand—and they know it. Here’s how companies can recruit and retain the next generation. (HBS Alumni Bulletin)

Can Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch clean up New York City? (HBS Alumni Bulletin)

Defense attorneys appealing a murder conviction enlisted the expertise of statisticians to determine whether the field of firearm forensics is grounded in solid science. The answer? Not even close. (HBPH Magazine)

People around the world are living, working, and learning longer. Get ready to upgrade your old ideas about longevity. (Stanford Business)

Massaging machine-learning algorithms to reduce—not perpetuate—human bias. (HBS Alumni Bulletin)

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