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A former West Philadelphia safety-net hospital is becoming something totally new: a resource hub for achieving health equity and sustaining public health. (Penn Medicine)

A community-based program aims to help older public-housing residents safeguard their vision. (Columbia Medicine)

Nadine Dlodlo’s community-centered approach to redeveloping a once-vibrant section of Baltimore offers a blueprint for reviving neighborhoods across the globe. (HBS Alumni Bulletin)

Harnessing the power of space-age intelligence for the commercial sector. (HBS Alumni Bulletin)

Navigating the line between opportunity and uncertainty in the ESG boom. (Stanford Business)

A concerned father uses venture capital to drive advances in autism care. (Denison Magazine)

With help from famed architect William Pedersen, a multibillion dollar project is transforming the New York City skyline. (Minnesota Alumni)

Marine-energy startups tap the power of tides and waves to fuel a low-carbon future. (HBS Alumni Bulletin)

Bad news for impact investors: Selling off stocks in corporations that don’t meet your values doesn’t really change their behavior. (Stanford Business)

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