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A leading killer of hospitalized patients just may have met its match.

(Hopkins Medicine)

A geophysicist brings fault lines into sharper focus.


Scientists are on a mission to defang one of the world’s most dangerous mosquitos. Step one? Get her to cooperate.


New research suggests that maybe, just maybe, the universe could be sphere-shaped.

(Johns Hopkins Magazine)

Scientists explore the mechanics of being alive.


Keeping the peace in the rough-and-tumble world of online gaming.


Face blindness leads neuroscientists into uncharted nooks of the brain.


Biologist Emmett Jolly beat the odds to become a scientist. Now he fights monsters.


A biotech startup tries to thwart an emerging health crisis and develop a new model for vaccines.

(Penn Law Journal)

Scientists discover a new law of nature—and throw into question much of what we thought we know about the universe. (Think)

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