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A leading killer of hospitalized patients just may have met its match.

(Hopkins Medicine)

Meet Victor Wilson, a WWII refugee who escaped Nazi-occupied Europe and helped  figure out why astronauts get space-sick.

(Rockefeller News)

A geophysicist brings fault lines into sharper focus.


Scientists are on a mission to defang one of the world’s most dangerous mosquitos. Step one? Get her to cooperate.


New research suggests that maybe, just maybe, the universe could be sphere-shaped.

(Johns Hopkins Magazine)

Scientists explore the mechanics of being alive.


Keeping the peace in the rough-and-tumble world of online gaming.


Face blindness leads neuroscientists into uncharted nooks of the brain.


A bit of genetic trickery, borrowed from bacteria, has made gene editing easy. The question now is how to make good use of it.


Biologist Emmett Jolly beat the odds to become a scientist. Now he fights monsters.


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