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A New York startup is racing tech’s biggest names to take quantum computing out of the lab and turn it into something that businesses can actually use.

(HBS Alumni Bulletin)

How a humble Nobel laureate found a new mission: science diplomacy.

(HBPH Magazine)

From status symbol to character flaw, obesity has represented different things at different times. Today’s researchers think of it as a biologically complex disorder—and they’re beginning to unravel its mysteries.

A scientist studies the mysterious genes that emerge from silent stretches of DNA.

(Rockefeller News)

Massaging machine-learning algorithms to reduce—not perpetuate—human bias.

(HBS Alumni Bulletin)

A Google engineer discusses the future of digital privacy.


After decades of groundbreaking work here in the US, a Kenyan chemist dreams of turning his home country into a scientific powerhouse.


Harnessing the power of space-age intelligence for the commercial sector.

(HBS Alumni Bulletin)

Meet Victor Wilson, a WWII refugee who escaped Nazi-occupied Europe and helped  figure out why astronauts get space-sick.

(Rockefeller News)

Scientists are on a mission to defang one of the world’s most dangerous mosquitos. Step one? Get her to cooperate.


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