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How a humble Nobel laureate found a new mission: science diplomacy.

(HBPH Magazine)

A gift from an unlikely source supports research into psychedelics as a tool for treating mental health disorders.

(Planning Matters)

You probably don’t associate Google with public health. But physician and public health expert Vuong “Von” Nguyen is doing his best to change that.

(Rice Magazine)

A former West Philadelphia safety-net hospital is becoming something totally new: a resource hub for achieving health equity and sustaining public health.

(Penn Medicine)

A neurologist searches for a way to help physicians distinguish between harmless dizziness and the kind that indicates a stroke.

(Planning Matters)

A community-based program aims to help older public-housing residents safeguard their vision.

(Columbia Medicine)

Arrests and incarceration won’t stop urban gun violence. But community violence prevention might.

(HBPH Magazine)

A leading killer of hospitalized patients just may have met its match.

(Hopkins Medicine)

A Columbia University coalition aims to create a new generation of researchers to help solve gun violence.

(Columbia Medicine)

Meet Victor Wilson, a WWII refugee who escaped Nazi-occupied Europe and helped  figure out why astronauts get space-sick.

(Rockefeller News)

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