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With help from famed architect William Pedersen, a multibillion dollar project is transforming the New York City skyline.

(Minnesota Alumni)

Dan Farkas subjects kids’ toys to Borg-like modifications, then makes music with them.


Celebrating 30 years of pioneering computer art.

(Visual Arts Journal)

Loosening up artists’ residencies.

(Visual Arts Journal)

A multimedia show uses an anxiety-inducing score and set to bring audience members face to face with some of America’s classic conspiracies.

(The Guardian)

Best-selling author David Nasaw brings serious historical scholarship to the widest audience he can.

(Bucknell Magazine)

A picture of his Polish grandfather’s mandolin orchestra inspired Avner Yonai to start his own. (Tablet)

Former U.S. poet laureate Robert Pinsky’s poetry gets a rhythm section. (Tablet)

Computer music moves out of the lab.

(The Walrus)

A jazz saxophonist draws on cryptography and number theory for his riffs and rhythms.


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