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Arrests and incarceration won’t stop urban gun violence. But community violence prevention might.

(HBPH Magazine)

In a polarized nation, a dose of partisan public health messaging can be more effective. (Stanford Business)

Rasika Mathias wants to level the playing field of genetic studies—and make the benefits of personalized medicine available to all. (Hopkins Medicine)

The initial coronavirus surge has passed, but the mental health fallout persists. (HBPH Magazine)

A new computer model could help policymakers choose the right reopening strategy. (Stanford Business)

The coronavirus pandemic is underscoring the  importance of caring for prisoners and their communities. (Columbia Public Health)

The pandemic has prompted a torrent of research. But can it be trusted?

(Global Health NOW)

There aren’t enough of the vital devices to go around. And sharing them is risky.

(Global Health NOW)

Injury prevention expert Sue Baker has spent her career making the world a safer place.

(HBPH Magazine)

A simple classroom management strategy pays dividends for a lifetime.

(HBPH Magazine)

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