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The path from software developer to manager of a legal clinic for rural entrepreneurs may not seem like an obvious one. But for this professor, it all makes sense.


Defense attorneys appealing a murder conviction enlisted the expertise of statisticians to determine whether the field of firearm forensics is grounded in solid science. The answer? Not even close.

(HBPH Magazine)

With democracy under siege around the globe, legal scholars seek to understand—and resist—authoritarianism.


Libertarian legal scholar Jonathan Adler pursues principle over politics.


Erin Barbato, director of the Immigrant Justice Clinic (IJC) at the University of Wisconsin Law School, has a knot in the pit of her stomach. (Gargoyle)

In the face of police brutality and mass protests, a business school asks: How can we answer the call to improve our world and address systemic racism and oppression? (Rice Business)

Dean Gillispie has spent 20 years in prison for kidnapping and rape. Former Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro has made it his job to free him.

(Denison Magazine)

Activist and organizer Dante Barry talks about the people and events that shaped him, and his ongoing fight for social justice.

(Monmouth Magazine)

Saliba Sarsar has dedicated his life’s work to healing the differences between Israelis and Palestinians.

(Monmouth Magazine)

After witnessing terrible wrongs as a medical student, Dr. Karen Benker devoted her career to the fight for medical justice.

(Pomona College Magazine)

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